Metos Maintenance keeps your professional kitchen in working order

Metos Maintenance is ready to help with all maintenance needs throughout country. The goal is to ensure that your professional kitchen works without interruptions and that the equipment serves you well throughout its life cycle.

Professional kitchen equipment is purchased to be used for many years, even decades. This is why well-functioning maintenance services are one of the most important decision-making criteria. Qualified and regular professional kitchen maintenance ensures that the equipment works correctly, and no wear or deposit formation increases its energy consumption. Regular maintenance reduces the equipment's energy and water consumption, as well. Regular maintenance and good availability of spare parts extends the life cycle of the equipment and reduces the environmental burden caused by the manufacturing of new equipment. The most important goal is to ensure uninterrupted operation of the professional kitchen.

Through Metos Maintenance, you get access to the best experts. Professional service technicians form the core of our service.


Ordering maintenance and our service center

We have made getting in touch with maintenance easy for you. There is the national telephone number, +47 982 40 142, which you can call anytime at the price of a local call. The call will be directed to the Metos Maintenance, where our expert customer service will help you place a maintenance order and answer any other questions related to maintenance. 

You can also order maintenance using the order form or via email,

Requesting maintenance from Metos

We will take care of your kitchen. 
You can request maintenance by filling out the form or

by calling the maintenance center phone, tel. +47 982 40 142.
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Request maintenance using the form

Our local service teams support you all across the country

No matter where in you are in Norway, we are close to you. The goal of our nationwide service network is to serve as flexibly and smoothly as possible, regardless of region and location.

Local service and specialization in professional kitchen equipment are the pillars of Metos Maintenance. Our comprehensive service point network and the solid professionalism of our service technicians guarantee that you will receive fast service and value for your money. To supplement our own resources, we use selected service shops that operate under Metos' supervision and in accordance with conditions and requirements set by Metos. Metos' local service manager is responsible for customer contacts in the area and the management of maintenance resources.

In order to secure the supply of spare parts, each of the service areas has their own inventory proportional to the local equipment base. In addition, every service technician has a selection of the most frequently needed spare parts in his or her car. Our large central warehouse of more than 15 000 spare parts is located in Kerava. 

The equipment has been purchased to be used in production, and this is best achieved by keeping it in good condition.

Periodic maintenance and corrective maintenance

In addition to repairing professional kitchen equipment, Metos Maintenance also ensures that professional kitchen appliances start receiving maintenance during the warranty period. Periodic maintenance means that equipment is serviced proactively. This ensures that it works smoothly in everyday use. Periodic maintenance does not completely eliminate the need for corrective maintenance, but it significantly reduces it and keeps the equipment in good condition. 

Periodic maintenance keeps your kitchen running. It brings reliability and predictability to your kitchen's maintenance costs and reduces unexpected production interruptions, which also result in costs. In addition, periodic maintenance makes it possible to track the actual maintenance costs of the equipment and helps determine the optimal replacement time based on these costs.

Maintenance is intended to be preventive – your kitchen's equipment stock is checked at a scheduled time, and we assess the functioning of the equipment and replace any worn parts. In addition, we identify your kitchen's critical equipment and agree on a pre-prepared schedule for maintenance. The maintenance intervals are determined by the use of the equipment, and it also varies between products. 

The service ID is the key to the product's information 

Service IDs attached to the equipment let us know the brand, model and type of the product, original serial number, manufacturing time, installation time, warranty duration and maintenance and repair history, such as periodic maintenance and costs. The equipment register info is always placed in an easily visible part of the equipment, so that searching for product information is as easy as possible. This will help you get accurate and fast service. The register is constantly maintained, as well as updated when new deliveries are made. The product information remains in the maintenance register for 10 years. 

A technical report and the costs of each maintenance procedure we carry out are entered into our information system. Equipment-specific maintenance history and cost monitoring can be easily extracted, for example, as background information for an annual follow-up meeting.

Contact us and let our experts to help you with your project

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A paragraph is a self-contained unit of a discourse in writing dealing with a particular point or idea. Paragraphs are usually an expected part of formal writing, used to organize longer prose.

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A paragraph is a self-contained unit of a discourse in writing dealing with a particular point or idea. Paragraphs are usually an expected part of formal writing, used to organize longer prose.

Maintenance quality

It is important to us that you receive high-quality maintenance service. The most important quality factor of a professional kitchen equipment repair service is service delivery speed, along with technical support, training, and reliable suppliers. The goal of Metos maintenance is to handle maintenance requests in one visit. In order to reach this goal, we keep an inventory of spare parts at our regional offices that is based on the local equipment stock, and train service technicians annually at our training center in Kerava. 
In general, scheduled maintenance is more affordable than emergency repairs