Responsible workplace

We are part of the Oikotie Responsible Workplace community. This means that we commit to the principles of responsible employment, and to bearing responsibility by constantly developing more responsible ways to work by, for example, learning from others, leading by example and influencing through action. Improving responsibility requires continuous long-term work and development. Responsibility in working life has become more important and meaningful than ever before.

The principles of a responsible workplace and summer job:

  1. We respect job seekers. 
    Our communication to our job seekers is interactive, humane and clear.
  2. We provide proper work orientation. 
    We offer the necessary orientation for the job and support when the employee starts working independently. A new employee always has a more experienced colleague with them on the first shift. Occupational safety plays a key role, especially in the beginning of employment.
  3. Our supervisors are there for the employees. 
    The role and availability of the supervisors is clear to our employees. Our supervisors are trained to proactively help the employees identify and solve the challenges they face.
  4. We offer meaningful work and development opportunities.
    Through regular development discussions, we take into account both the employees' wishes and the opportunities to develop and advance offered by their work. We provide the opportunity to influence your own job description so that your work is and will continue to be meaningful.
  5. We address discriminatory treatment immediately. 
    We treat employees fairly in terms of pay, work tasks and roles. We encourage everyone to be themselves, and we do not discriminate against anyone. Our employees have been clearly informed about ways to pass on information about any issues they may encounter. All problems will be addressed.
  6. We care about the well-being of our employees.
    Workday length and resourcing are planned in a way that promotes wellbeing at work and avoids the employees becoming overloaded. We listen to the employee and are flexible at different stages of life.
  7. We pay a reasonable salary.  
    Salary is an important motivational factor that also influences how meaningful the work feels. The way salaries are determined must be open and clear in the organization. Employees must be paid on time and correctly.

More information

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